5 Tips for Unplugging in 2021

coffee and book unplugging

Social media is a tricky thing. The creative content being built and room for entrepreneurial growth has boomed. Social media has always been around, but after experiencing the loss of connection and physical interaction last year, we’ve turned to our channels in hopes of staying in touch and filling our craving for connection.

But with this intense, abrupt need for interaction, social media has become a part of our routine, to the point of mindlessly scrolling and swiping through. Our eyes are straining, our confidence is slowly leaving, and our ideas, thoughts and values are being questioned either by ourselves or from the influence of others.

It’s f*cking challenging to go through the day without checking your phone, WE GET IT, we’re all there, but maybe try establishing a refreshed routine including 30 min of unplugging can help you stay centered, focused on your larger goals and ultimately feel better through-out the day! Here are some ways you can unplug and disconnect:

  1. Do that thing you’ve been meaning to do. We’re all guilty of it. I’ve done it. I’ve told myself countless times I was going to do something and ended up putting it off for months or even years. Enough is enough. Do what you’ve been telling yourself to do. Achieve those goals, accomplish those tasks. Get sh*t done.                           
  2. Go for a 3 mile or 30-minute walk. Walking is meditation and a way to re-connect oneself with nature. Movement is medicine. It is a moment of stillness and clarity for our minds. It is a moment for our body to be fueled with energy and presence. Not only is exercise good for your heart, but it’s great for your mind and chemical receptors that help with depression and anxiety. Get up and move your body!
  3. Do something that makes you feel sexy. Winged Woman, you deserve to feel good. You deserve to feel beautiful and desirable. Whether that be putting makeup on, getting dressed up, or going bare-faced, do whatever that makes you feel unstoppable…even if it’s just to our living room 😉 Give yourself permission to feel spicy!           
  4. Free write, creatively and non-judgmentally. Writing and journaling have helped so many relieve internal emotions and feel without judgment. It’s hard to say things aloud sometimes, especially when it’s something difficult to accept. Free writing and gift ourselves a page to unload and express our feelings with ourselves. It’s a great way to begin the process of acceptance, especially when we need to grant ourselves time to reflect.
  5. Reach out to the person you’ve been wanting to connect with. Call that person. Text, email or do whatever makes you feel connected to others, especially during times like today. Authentic, safe, human connection is needed right now and even though we have to stay apart, staying in touch with our BFFs is important. You never know, a quick catch-up or a facetime coffee date could turn your day around for the better!


But in all realness, take a f*cking break when you need it and step away from the screen. Let your eyes rest, Winged Woman. You deserve it!


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