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Relief Pain Support Soft Gels


Uniquely formulated for women, Relief Pain Support soft gels combine CBD & CBG with powerful herbal antioxidants for female-specific pain relief.

  • Cramping & PMS relief
  • Ease physical discomfort
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Designed for a woman’s body
  • Formulated by a holistic nutritionist
  • Size: 30 Soft Gels – only $1.17 per serving

Made With Good For You Ingredients

At Winged we never compromise – we use a chemical free CO2 extraction process that gently preserves the active nutrients of the hemp plant without harsh residual solvents like ethanol. Our products are specifically formulated for a woman’s body with only the best ingredients.

hemp plant
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Cannabinoids CBD & CBG to aid in physical discomfort relief.

evening primrose plant
Evening Primrose Oil

Support women’s hormonal health and symptoms associated with PMS.

black cumin seed oil
Black Seed Oil

Promotes healthy joint functions and aids digestion.

white willow
White Willow

Supports a healthy inflammatory response.


Supports healthy joint function, flexibility and comfort.


Antioxidants that help maintain a healthy inflammatory response.


Contains gingerols for antioxidant protection and to aid digestion.

black pepper
Black Pepper Extract

Bioperine® has been shown to increase absorption of nutrients.


cbd for pain

The Ultimate PMS Fighting Duo

Relief & Happiness Soft Gels

Let’s be honest, periods suck. Feeling like the human version of Grumpy Cat while also being kicked in the gut doesn’t exactly make for a great week.

Fortunately babes, we no longer need to be the victims of our hormones! Happiness and Relief soft gels are the perfect combo to send those symptoms packing.

Relief Pain Support Complex helps tame cramps, breast pain and radiating back pain during that time of the month with a female-specific blend of comforting nutrients.

Happiness Mood Support Complex makes the rollercoaster of emotions feel more like pleasant rolling hills on a country drive by using female-focused formula of hormonal balancing ingredients.

Take back control and stop missing out on life with this powerful PMS bundle!


cbd hemp plant

“The idea to start Winged came in 2017 after hemp saved me from a dark place. I was battling crippling anxiety after a series of major life changes and I was pretty desperate. I wanted to share the relief I felt with other women and set out to design a product line specifically formulated for women.

It is our mission to empower women to be the best versions of themselves.”

-Jessica Mulligan, Founder of Winged Wellness


Just like CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol) is one of the nutrients found in hemp extract. Think of it like vitamins in Orange Juice. OJ is well known for Vitamin C, but it also contains a lot of other Vitamins such as Vitamin A. Hemp may be well known for CBD, but it also contains CBG and other compounds that nourish our bodies. The hemp plant contains hundreds of these type of “cannabinoids”, but CBD and CBG are two of the most abundant and beneficial nutrients found in hemp.


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